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Look. You are more than an account number or a budget line item. You are a team, an organization, a thought leader who is working to effect change. And you are looking for a partner who will translate your effort into meaningful stories, messaging, and strategy. You don not want to be a number. You are not looking to be managed by an account lead or a handler. You want someone who understands your passion and is passionate, too.

You want SJS Consultants.

We partner with organizations, groups, and people who are working to improve outcomes for and reach marginalized communities. And that could look like a number of things: government and law enforcement consulting; community engagement strategies; nonprofit and business communications support; PR, publicity, and promotion campaigns; message development; or crisis management.

We partner with mission-minded and purpose- passionate change agents.

We are amplifying the unheard voices, advancing impactful work, and advocating for catalyzing causes.

We’re giving voice to your vision.™  Let’s get to work.



Communications Strategy

Everyone is talking, but is anyone listening? Our talent is helping our clients not only create polished, incisive and insightful messaging that resonates with their target audiences, but to working with them to identify who those audiences are, how they are best reached, and in what ways they can be engaged. The result is always impactful campaigns that reach the right people, the right way.

Public Relations and Brand Management

How you and your company are perceived are as important as what you say. Our expertise lies in assessing your impact in the arenas you care about and work in, and then developing a customized plan to elevate and promote your brand in existing and new industries. It’s who people think you are and what you want them to know about you. That’s your brand.

Media Relations

If you're doing good work and no one knows, you aren't having the maximal impact. Media is your validator. Relationships is what gets you printed, on-air and in the news. We’ll leverage ours to get you the coverage you need to advance your ideas and be a part of national discourses and local discussions. You can’t be a thought leader if your thoughts aren’t out there.

Crisis Communications

Should you respond? Should you react? What should you say? To whom? And when? There’s a science to navigating crisis and living to fight another day. We’ve crafted the crisis communications plans of Congressional Members, police departments and other high-profile leaders. We’ll use what we know to equip you to see your crisis through, too.

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SJS Consultants are your storytellers. Your strategists. And your cover-every-detail-from-A-to-Z partners.